From Kate Moss to Giles Deacon

8th July

This week we must be on a fashion spot roll, as the day after my Kate Moss celeb spy, my friend Amber spotted another huge name in fashion. Shopping in M&S on Oxford Street during her lunch break somebody complimented Amber on her Giles Deacon/Cadbury Nibbles scarf (Amber, Jess and I went to the Giles Deacon/Cadbury Nibbles launch party last year and got given these fab scarves). Anyway, as Amber turned around to thank the person for the kind compliment, it had come from none other than Giles Deacon himself! Taken aback slightly, I think Amber managed to mumble a thank you before scuttling back to work and googling Giles Deacon to make sure it was actually him! And, it was indeed, so with Kate Moss on Tuesday and Giles on Wednesday, I wonder who we might spot today? I’ve got my money on Victoria Beckham, she was at’s 10th anniversary party last night, so is definitely in town. Keep your eyes peeled style celeb spotters!

Giles Deacon

The ultra cool and complimentary Giles Deacon


Giles/Cadbury scarf

The Giles Deacon and Cadbury Nibbles scarf

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