Purple Purchases

This Sunday I went to the Clerkenwell Vintage Fair. I’d wanted to go for absolutely ages (it’s on once a month), but I’ve never made it before now.

So, with a spare Sunday ahead of me, there was only one way to spend it; having a wander and maybe being tempted by something pretty. Housed in Old Finsbury Town Hall (£4 entry), the fair is spread out over three large rooms and also has a cute tea room, if a sugar hit is required.

I mooched about and flicked through the rails of beautiful vintage pieces, but it was a few purple items which eventually caught my eye.


Firstly, these rather snappy Gina court shoes in lavender. They looked barely worn and were priced up at £22, so I slipped them on and success – they fit! The lovely lady offered them to me for £20, so they were mine.


Next, was a perfume bottle I’d noticed on my first trip round the fair. The perfectly round shape appealed to me and so did the violet-hued glass. I thought it would make the perfect Christmas present.

Fairly modern for a vintage fair, this 1960s/70s piece of Caithness glass is something of a collector’s item, so I was chuffed to pick it up for £18. Plus, the lady on this stall offered me a free ticket to next week’s fair at Chelsea Town Hall, and Clerkenwell again in the new year. Vintage stall holders are so nice!


I was feeling happy with my purple purchases when Victoria came to meet me with her gorgeous little puppy, Foxx. Vic bought a beautiful black lace and silk 1920s dress, which we dubbed ‘Twenties Goth’. I think she’ll be sporting this one at Christmas parties (with her many pairs of buckled boots).

So off we trotted to the pub with our vintage buys and a feeling we’d enjoyed a Sunday well-spent.

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