LFW: House of Holland

Bold, bright and right up my street, House of Holland never fails to disappoint and is always one of my favourite shows during London Fashion Week.


Always a fun story to be told behind the collection, this season’s offering was ‘Debauched Debutantes’, so promised a pretty raucous party, and boy, does Henry Holland know how to throw a good one.





Hosted in the Old Sorting Office in London, fallen chandeliers were strewn across the runway and models in rainbow sequins, lipstick motifs, spots and stripes and cute peek-a-boo moments were the girl gang which crashed the party.




Even the ‘quieter’ looks were fabulous. I loved the black cocktail dress with pouffy tulle hem and the silver two-piece was amazing too, and if I’m ever going to wear a bomber jacket, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be a purple one emblazoned with lippy. Failing that, I could always refer to type in fur collared fuchsia coat.



As if I didn’t already, but House of Holland’s show makes me really wanna be in Henry’s gang during AW14!

All pictures from Vogue.co.uk

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