DIY Pink

This summer I finally went pink after a long time debating and extensively pinning to Pinterest. I became a pink lady at Bleach in Dalston and really loved it, but it didn’t last very long (sob). In fact, it was probably only a few washes.

Bleach recently launched hair dyes in Boots, so it seemed like the perfect chance to give it a go at home. Gulp! So, I went for it. Cue rubber gloves.


I haven’t dyed my own hair since I was about 14 when I had a serious obsession with henna and reeeeallllly wanted red hair, so I was a bit nervous, but the whole process was actually pretty stress-free. I shampooed and towel-dried my hair then donned my rubber gloves (in pink) and massaged in the whole bottle.


The towel took a bit of a battering, but the dye is pretty much like pink blamanche, so doesn’t drip. I then just had to wait 15 minutes until I rinsed it out.


The bath looked like a strawberry milkshake as I washed out the dye and I could see that it had tinted my hair, but didn’t look very vibrant.

The colour I had bought was Rose and is intended to be a pale pink and used on very light blonde hair, so I wasn’t expecting dramatic results. Once dried the result was pretty, but not very pink. It had more of a peachy hue which was really cute and washed out pink highlights on my blonder streaks.


When I had it pinked at the salon, the stylist used a darker pink on the tips to give it a stronger colour, but I actually rather like this washed out look. The picture doesn’t show it off brilliantly, but despite the fact my pout is pinker than my hair, it’s sweet – and not bad for a fiver!

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