Giddy Up

I’ve been eyeing up this horsey candlestick from Anthropologie, for a little while now, and decided to go for it this week, when I received a voucher for free delivery.

Unfortunately, my little pony had sold out online, so I trotted down to Regent Street and found my filly in store. That’s free delivery and a little exercise. Tick, tick.

Doesn’t she look sweet?


I noticed she had a chipped hoof, so I asked for a new one, which the store didn’t have, but the lovely sales assistant offered me 10% discount instead. Sold!

So off I went with my new found friend and some Vila Hermanos candles*.


I’ve set her up on my tea trolley (a brilliant charity shop find, which I love), and I think she looks right at home.


What a great way to cheer up a rather dreary Tuesday.

*There’s a cute story behind Vila Hermanos; they supply candles for catholic churches in Spain, and have been producing their 100% natural wax candles in very small batches since 1908. They’re meant to be great quality, so I’ll be interested to see how they burn down – will keep you posted.

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