Crushing On: Tara Starlet

For those of you who know me well, you’ll know I love a vintage frock. Or coat. Or anything really. Especially if it has a late-Fifties/early-Sixties vibe. That’s my steeee.

So, imagine my delight when I stumbled across Tara Starlet, a British fashion brand based in east London, which creates beautiful vintage-inspired clothes from scratch in the UK. Fabulous. Not only is it right up my street, but it’s literally made down the road and is a far cry from the mass-produced clothing found elsewhere on the high street. Tara’s pieces aren’t one-offs, but they’re mighty close.

Although I’d heard of the brand previously, it was only late this summer that I really took notice and ordered myself an outfit, for my lovely friend Sara’s wedding. I opted for the Lucia broderie anglaise full skirt and bralet top in lipstick red – under the suits category (love that it’s referred to as a suit).

Wow, what an outfit. I bloody love it! Admitedly I was nervous. I’m a size 14 girl, so was a bralet top going to be a good idea? Was the world ready for my midriff?! Well, luckily all was ok, as my short body allowed for just a small glimpse of waist to be exposed where the top and skirt met. Phew.


So, after this success, I looked to Tara Starlet again for the new season. I coveted the Girlfriend coat in pink and placed an order the minute it was in stock. Despite its unrivalled cuteness, the coat just didn’t look right on me (gutted), so back it went.

However, I’m not giving up. My next Tara purchase will be the Marina dress in navy and white gingham taffeta, as modelled by Tara at London Fashion Week. This slash neck Fifties-esque frock has a deep low back (super sexy), three-quarter sleeves and a full, puffy skirt. I will wear it with some clashing colours, maybe an embellished angora knit to ramp up the vintage feel, or with a fur draped over my shoulders.

Watch this space… coming to a wardrobe near me very soon.

P.S. Don’t the other wedding belles look beautiful? Especially our blushing bride.

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