Saturday Spendings

I went into town yesterday after receiving a £25 gift voucher for Liberty – possibly my most favourite department store, ever! So this Saturday, my afternoon excursion resulted in a few new purchases…

Before my escapade to Liberty, I popped into Topshop for a ‘quick look’. Never quick, especially on a Saturday, but after negotiating the three floors as swiftly as possible, I came up a trumps with a bit of a bargain; this super-cute angora-blend cardi in ballerina pink.

On a promo at £20, I was drawn to its retro look, and couldn’t resist. This Fifties-inspired number will do nicely aloft a sexy leather pencil skirt (I’ve got my eyes on one at work), or for now, with my leopard print trousers. I like the sweet/naughty combo – think baby pink/leopard/leather/red nails/flicky eyeliner etc… and you get the idea.

Anyway, with cardigan in-hand I strolled on down to Liberty. I knew I wanted to put my voucher towards a new bottle of Eau de Lierre by Diptyque, so headed straight to the beauty hall. Light and fresh with notes of ivy, pepper, water notes, musk and wood, it’s the most beautiful fragrance in the world and I love it!

I wore both my new purchases today when I went vintage shopping on Church Road in Crystal Palace. That’s money well-spent, I’d say (and luckily I didn’t spend any more).

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