I’d Forgotten How Much I Love Samba

Claire, a friend of mine at work, reminded me today about my undying love for the Reiss Samba jacket. It’s been my favourite ever since we saw the AW12 collection back in the summer, yet it hasn’t made its way into my wardrobe (?!).

Deemed a ‘granny’ jacket by most of the team, I declared that this Miss Marple-esque cardi-coat was in fact, bloody brilliant! And, look how Dom (our in-house stylist) has made it look all modern and cool. Granny-ish?! Pah, I don’t think so.

I think it looks great worn over leather, and it’s the perfect cover-up for a chilly office – maybe over a simple black dress, pencil skirt or skinny jeans? The heritage-inspired checked print has a country feel but the luxe gold claps soon jazz things up and the soft rounded shoulders channel a Forties look. Over-all, I love it, well reminded, Claire!

I must purchase ASAP.

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