Get Pinning – Brooches On Jumpers

There are a few things I love about winter dressing – colourful coats, jazzy tights and cosy knits are all high on my list. And my recent obsession is wearing pencil skirts with a cute knit – I like the chic/casual balance.

But, as usual with me, I can’t just leave it at that. Oh no, instead I accessorize to make it more fun. So, I’ve been pinning my favourite jewellery item, the brooch, to my jumpers to jazz things up.


Choose a brooch in a matching tone to your jumper – I like how this one picks up on the purple-y tones of my new favourite knit (the Reiss Nithia jumper). And don’t worry about wearing the brooch on a print, if you choose it in matching tones it adds to the effect.


I do LOVE to clash colours, and one of my current favourites is between my lime green knit (another Reiss number called Mits) and an electric blue brooch (my great gran’s). The brooch has a few stones missing, but there’s still enough there to make the clash.


I like classic positioning with brooches, but sometimes I like to wear them differently. On this jumper I like to wear it in the centre as the zig zags make me feel a little balance is needed, and this square vintage brooch gets things back on an even keel.


It helps if they match, like this perfect pair, but this look can work equally as well with similar styles, in similar colours – blue and blue, cherries and apples, flowers and flowers etc… I like a cluster, especially when I can’t choose which brooch to wear!

Get pinning, girls, jumpers need bling too.

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