Cushions For Pals

Recently I dusted off my sewing machine and have been attempting a bit of cushion making. Nothing too difficult (my skills leave a lot to be desired).

However, after a bit of wonky cutting, countless pin pricks, afternoons being hunched over the machine and wincing at my wonky stitches, they do leave a certain sense of achievement that I thought I’d share.

The key is in the fabrics, I’ve bought all the fabric for these cushions at Millie Moon in Wells, Somerset. A haven packed full of quirky, vintage-inspired fabrics, it’s almost impossible to choose.

I have so far only trialled square styles with a very, very easy velcro fastening. One day I’ll attempt zips and maybe ribbon ties, but for now, it’s my failsafe fastening.

Bridget, Sara, Amber, Polly

These cushions now belong to; Bridget, Sara, Amber and Polly.

My cushions

With the idea of sequin embellishments on the horizon, I’ll keep you posted on any further experimentations.

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