The new object of my affection

18th August

As I was searching for practical parkas to report in my last post I stumbled across this little beauty, and just had to share it with you. Over the coming months this blog will become my outlet for sartorial wants and desires that I will probably never buy – but wish I could. This fashion wish list is usually peppered with amazing dresses, but come winter I turn my affections to coats, and this is currently hitting the top spot on my new season wonder list.

viv coat

The new object of my affection; £660, Vivienne Westwwod Anglomania at

Here are my reasons why:

  1. It’s by Vivienne Westwood – always a huge winner for me.
  2. It’s bright and colourful – great for cheering up grey London days.
  3. It’s retro style – I love the classic tailored shape.
  4. It’s got a huge collar – perfect for cosying into and pinning brooches to.
  5. It’s 80% wool so will be warm and toasty when temperatures drop.
  6. I love it!

So if you are a likeminded lover of frocks and coats then stay tuned, for many more fashion fantasies to come.

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