My day in fashion hell

9th August

Do you ever have the feeling that sometimes your wardrobe hates you, and takes great pleasure in transporting you to fashion hell when it so chooses? Well, my wardrobe must have had it in for me big time this morning, as one sartorial calamity lead to another until I was on a one way ticket to my very own fashion hell.


My wardrobe devil primed to send me to fashion hell this morning!

It all started with a navy embroidered dress I decided to wear this morning. Slightly more snug than the last time I wore it, I was running late and decided to throw caution to the wind in my ever-so-slightly tight dress. Big mistake. In my rush to get ready I sat down to put on my shoes only to be presented with a huge ripping sound. Yes, I had managed to savage the lining of my dress from hem to waist. Not a great start. Having to run out of the door I kept my fingers firmly crossed that the early morning commuters wouldn’t be subjected to my bare bottom between the lacy loops of my dress.

It was only when I was about a quarter of the way to the station that I realised my slingback shoes had incredibly loose straps and were flapping off my heels precisely every third step making my hurried journey to the station all the more tricky!

What a combination of style disasters! But I soldiered on into work (fashion mecca by the way – groan) with my sloppy shoes and torn frock. Needless to say I didn’t have a great day hobbling around trying to catch my reflection in the mirror to ensure no cheek-flashing was going on. After some reassurance from colleagues that my dignity was intact, all I could do was wait for home time so I could discard my ruined outfit and hopefully my fashion day from hell.

Roll on 7am tomorrow! I surely can’t be in for fashion hell two days running…


The start of a new day; roll on 7am!

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2 Responses to My day in fashion hell

  1. Hannah says:

    Not a good day for you i understand but this really made me laugh!!!

  2. Creamy says:

    I ever got that situation and that’s just like atomic bomb for me 😦

    Amanda “Creamy” Apriani
    Twitter : caramel_manda

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