On yer bike

8th August

A friend of mine who is a keen cyclist recently sent me a link to this rather snazzy bike website called Bobbin Bicycles (www.bobbinbicycles.co.uk). I am not a cyclist (in fact, I don’t even own a bike), but he felt that I would appreciate the bikes and accessories this alternative online bike shop had to offer. His sartorial bike-related product of choice was the ‘Mr Ben’ bowler hat cycle helmet (£195) – not sure if he would actually rock this on the daily commute, but it would definitely turn heads in the cycle lane.

bowler hat

Bowl me over; the alternative cycle helmet for the distinguished gent, £195

This inspired My Wardrobe Mistress’s very own bicycle wish list, so I trawled the website, and here is my ultimate cycle kit, very possibly riding a road near you soon…


My Wardrobe Mistress's pretty pink bike, £435

saddle cover

The retro polka dot saddle cover, £10


And the matching bags of course, £36

refelctive top 1

How about this refelctive sailor collar top to really camp things up?, £72

reflective top 2

Looks pretty cool I reckon...

fingerless gloves

Stylish grip; Dents leather fingerless gloves, £39

blue helmet

The all-important purchase; I love the oriental floral print of this cycle helmet, £60

Sartorially pleasing cycling – easier than I thought. Actually that pink bicycle is convincing me that getting on my bike really is the most stylish mode of transport.


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2 Responses to On yer bike

  1. Sadie says:

    Mmmmmm that pink bicycle is beautiful! I’m looking for a pretty bike at the moment (the mountain bike in our shed just doesn’t inspire me/look very nice). I think the pink one is a little out of my price range but I have my eye on a lovely blue vintage one which is about £30! Dad said it probably won’t work very well but who cares when you look stylish, haha.

    So tempted by that bowler hat cycle helmet – how cool! x

  2. Yes I know! I love it too. That’s the only trouble with vintage bikes, they look pretty, but I think if you are actually going to try and cycle very far a modern retro-look style would be more comfortable! Can’t complain for 30 squids though! Such cute stuff on this website. xx

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