The big issue

19th July

I’ve never been one to bother too much about my weight, I have been a size 14 most of my adult life, and despite the odd insecurity about bingo wings and saddle bags I generally enjoy my curves and can’t even really imagine myself as a size 10. I think this is fine, as it’s pretty much my natural size. I don’t really diet or exercise, I drink wine and eat a lot of chocolate, but where possible try and eat healthily around these discrepancies so that I don’t become a serious lardy. Until now that is…

Over the course of this year, I think my weight has gone up by about a stone. I say I think, as I don’t really weigh myself, but some of last summer’s frocks and bikinis certainly don’t fit me anymore, so there has definitely been some filling out. I blame the freelance world of moving from bedroom to living room to work rather than missioning it into central London, and where tea, toast and biscuits are a mere few steps away rather than the trot to the canteen. Whatever the reason, the weight has crept on and I’m not happy about it.


Eeeeekkk; tipping the scales

And so, action has to be taken…bummer. I hate having to actually make an effort to lose weight; all of those little treats seem all the more desirable and resisting them all the more difficult. However, if I want to wear those frocks before the summers out and feel remotely hot in a bikini then the hard work starts here.


Bikini babe; the hard work starts here

Farewell cakes, ice creams and vino blanco, it’s been nice knowing you, maybe I will come and visit again in a few months, until then I’m off to burn some of your beautiful calories away – wish me luck!

Ice cream

Nice knowing you; the treats I must resist

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2 Responses to The big issue

  1. Anita says:

    You always look beautiful and fabulous – I think you are being way too hard on yourself!!! Keep Glam and Rock On !! xxx

  2. Amy says:

    I’ve put on weight too recently… and it sucks. Good luck, lady: although I’m sure you look gorgeous just as you are!

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