Pat’s wardrobe revelation

July 1st

Yesterday I put my My Wardrobe Mistress hat on and visited Pat who had booked me in for a Wardrobe Re-Style. Pat called upon my sartorial services to help style-up certain items of clothing in her wardrobe, and help her work out good looks for her so that when she goes shopping she knows exactly what to buy.

It was evident upon arrival that Pat was a stylish woman, but sometimes lacked the confidence to really unleash that inner-style. She had some great separates, but was unsure how to put them together, and work out outfit combinations that she could tweak to double up on usage. Pat also seemed to be under the impression that she was a size 12 when she was clearly an 8 or 10 maximum. This resulted in many of Pat’s outfits looking dated and frumpy as she was wearing baggy clothes that did nothing for her enviable slender and petite frame. Pat definitely had a touch of Audrey Hepburn about her, so we wanted to maximise this rather than hide it under too-big clothes.

We decided that tucking tops into high waist skirts and trousers was a far more flattering look than being pulled down over the hips and hovering somewhere mid-tummy. We added belts to cinch the waist and despite Pat’s concerns that she had a short body, we elongated the torso by experimenting with deeper v-necklines and using styling tricks like long skinny scarves to give the illusion of more length.

One of my favourite looks was a longer length pencil skirt with a flippy hem that looked great with a tucked in tee and a wide belt, we decided that a chunky statement necklace would dress things up if needed. Another of my faves was a great pair of cropped white trousers (not a look that many people can pull off) paired with a nautical stripe Breton top. A pop of jaunty red accessories here would really freshen up the look and lend a really modern edge.

Overall, I think Pat had a bit of a revelation that she can actually wear clothes that fit her body rather than hide it, and she will look so much slimmer, younger and more stylish as a result. I have high hopes for the impending shopping trip. Go Pat!

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