Keep cool fashion gadget

June 29th

Anyone who thinks fashion can’t be practical is wrong. Admittedly, it is usually more fantastical than practical, but not always. I had a breakfast meeting with Uniqlo’s PR this morning, and she was telling me all about their brilliant keep cool vest tops. A god send in this hot weather, apparently they have been in stores for a while, but have only just started to sell thanks to the recent heat wave.  

The ‘Sarafine Innerwear’ collection works by combining high tech Japanese fabric that combines breathable fibres with cross-woven nylon, removing sweat at the humidity level and keeping you dry and comfortable underneath your clothes, all while ensuring a smooth and silky feeling next to the  skin. There are 6 different styles to choose from and prices start at £6.99 and go up to £9.99, so anyone who is a fan on Uniqlo’s Heat Tech winter range should definitely check them out, it is pretty scorching out there, and every little helps, especially on packed tubes etc…

I will be testing out this keep cool theory over the next couple weeks, so will keep you posted on how effective they have been for me. So far I can say that they really are very soft and comfortable to wear so let’s hope they keep the summer sweats at bay.

Keep cool camisol

Putting my Uniqlo keep cool camisole to the test. Fan optional!

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