Jump into stylish sportswear

June 22nd

I won’t hide the fact that I’m not a huge fan of the current sportswear trend. This may have something to do with my severe lack of sporting prowess and ability to wear bottom-clinging lycra –  whatever,  it’s just not very me. However, there is no denying that thanks to Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren and Pucci who all showed sportswear-inspired collections in their spring /summer shows, it is a huge trend this season. Add to the mix the World Cup and Wimbledon and we have ourselves a seriously sporty little summer, but what to wear to nod to this mega trend without looking like an athlete or a chav? Luckily for those who also hover on the stylish sportswear (?!) debate, it’s not all about dodgy tracksuits, in fact, there isn’t a shell suit in sight. Instead think jumpsuits, hooded tops, micro shorts, oversized sweats and cropped jogging bottoms all paired with fierce spiky heels and with lots of stretch, studs, embellishment, zips and drawstring details. Not convinced? Check out my sportswear story for StyleList and see if you can find a subtle way to work the trend into your wardrobe; http://uk.stylelist.com/2010/06/22/jump-into-stylish-sportswear-this-summer/

But be warned – you may not necessarily need Anna Kournikova’s figure to nail this trend, but it certainly helps…

uniqlo hoodie

Hug a hoodie; the oversized hooded sweat top partners cropped pants and shorts perfectly, £12.99, Uniqlo

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