Bye, bye Becks

June 27th

Today England was spectacularly knocked out of the World Cup by Germany. There is no need for me to mention the massive disappointment the nation is feeling, but needless to say, fans are pretty devastated by the poor performance. However, although I too am disappointed by the early exit of the boys, I am more gutted that David Beckham won’t be striding around on the touchline looking hot in that three piece suit anymore. Possibly the only man in the squad to really carry off the official England suit designed by Marks & Spencer, Becks’s style just keeps getting better doesn’t it? When you think back to that matching leather outfit with Victoria or that infamous sarong, his fashion moments have certainly had highs and lows. Recently though I think Becks definitely deserves a big thumbs up in the style stakes, which at least saves England’s reputation just a little, even if it is for fashion rather than football.

Becks suit

David Beckham models the M&S England suit on the touchline

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