The trolley trend is catching on

June 21st

I hate to be a trolley bore, but as you probably know, I purchased myself a handy little granny trolley last month (see earlier posts), and haven’t stopped raving about it since. Well, my trolley Dolly and I came under scrutiny from a couple of friends at the time of purchase, but behind the sniggers even my most critical pals couldn’t deny how handy Dolly actually was. I think the jury was still out for them when it came to style, but practicality won Dolly a big thumbs up. Well, one of those friends (Sara), revealed her own trolley purchase to me this week. Yes, even Sara has succumbed to the trolley trend just in time for Glastonbury. Apparently Sara’s maroon and orange swirly Dolly (not sure if she has named hers yet?) is perfectly primed for carrying her camp’s cider quota into the festival, so her first expedition will be a muddy booze cruise no less! I’m praying for fine weather, as I don’t know how those wheels will fair in Glasto mud, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that when the rest of the sniggering crowd are breaking their backs with their stash, Sara and her Dolly will make a stylish entrance to what has become a seriously fashionable festival. I knew I was onto something…

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One Response to The trolley trend is catching on

  1. Scouse says:

    Please stop publicising these 2 wheeled monstrosities, my gf has had one for years but it hasn’t seen the light of day since we moved house.

    If you turn it into a fashion craze it might come flying out of the closet like Tom Cruise on poppers, so I’m begging you, nay, imploring you not to shed any more light on this irrelevant subcultural micro-trend.

    A concerned citizen from Liverpool who know lives in London

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