Justify my love

June 18th

I am a firm believer in the ‘Cost per Wear’ theory, or rather that the amount of money you paid for something goes down the more you wear it (thus making it seem more affordable and less scary). It’s a brilliant way to justify sartorial splurges that shouldn’t have happened, but when you work out the fashion maths it actually does make sense, and certainly goes towards justifying those occasional designer purchases. I have applied this theory to a Luella coat, a Ralph Lauren blazer, a Temperley dress and Mulberry handbags in the past very successfully…

Now, I promise these moments don’t happen very often, but I have to admit I had one of those ‘splurges’ today in Vivienne Westwood. As I have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of the label and have been eyeing up a certain frock for my impending birthday party and a few summer weddings. Today as I left the hairdressers I was walking passed Viv’s Conduit Street store and couldn’t resist a quick peak (the summer sale has started FYI). Of course, literally fifteen minutes later I was leaving the store with my sale frock firmly in my clutches and my debit card dented for a couple of hundred pounds! Eeeeek, not good at all, and I was desperately putting my CPW theory to work in hope of reasonable justification. After crisis calculations, it’s still an expensive frock, but I do love it, and will wear it a lot over this summer and many more to come (Viv’s designs never date as they are so unique). And when you think about it, I could have bought a new frock from the high street for anything up to around £100 for each of said birthday celebrations and weddings, so really I think I bagged myself a bargain, no really, I did.

Viv dress

Putting the 'Cost per Wear' theory to practice; the dress I had to justify the love for.

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6 Responses to Justify my love

  1. Anita says:

    I absolutely agree with this theory and you look really good in the dress, fully justified!!!

  2. My Wardrobe Mistress says:

    Thanks, thought you might tell me off! Pretty rubbish pic, but am gonna wear it to a wedding on Friday, so will hopefully get a better one then. Xxx

  3. Olivia Walmsley says:

    I agree! Looks looooooooooooovely…. x

  4. Anne Shooter says:

    Wow! You look great! Well worth every penny – in fact, I’d say you bagged a total bargain. Now, I need some advice…wedding in Israel next month in 30 degree heat – but dress must be ‘modest’ ie to knee and not strapless. Any ideas on what kind of thing or where to look?

  5. apple says:

    You are great!!

  6. Didi says:

    Gorgeous! What a fab dress. Stunning colour and shape. You got it, girlfriend! XXX

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