Cool Dude Jude

June 15th

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have spent the afternoon in the company of a rather cool little dude named Jude. My good friend Candy gave birth to little Jude just last week, and this was my first time visiting her and meeting the little guy, so I was super excited.

Before Jude was even born, I knew he was going to be a pretty cool baby, if not the most stylish, as both his Mum and Dad are very cool dudes themselves. With Mum being an interiors editor, the nursery looks like something fresh from a magazine’s pages. All red and green gingham checks to match the Cath Kidston cowboy print wallpaper and bed covers, so even Jude’s surroundings are pretty darn cool. Jude’s aunty is a kidswear designer too, meaning he is sure to be clad in the best baby clothes going, so what on earth could I bring to the already stylish one week-old?

At Candy’s baby shower we all brought our favourite childhood book along so Jude could start his own little library, but being a fashion writer I couldn’t resist a cute sartorial gift for him as well. He may well only wear it for all of five minutes, but I couldn’t walk away from a World Cup–inspired football print babygrow by Gap (£8) and little teeny, tiny Converse Hi-Tops (£19.99, Selfridges) to go with it. I liked to think he would be tastefully kitted out for the next England match, but to be honest, even if we made it to the finals (?!) I think my outfit would still be too big. However, with Jude’s Dad being a sports writer, I figured he would find a suitably sporty occasion to get a bit of wear out of both. Jude, just one week old and already setting such high style standards – what a dude!


Jude's footwear; Baby Hi-Tops by Converse, £19.99

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