Vivienne Westwood – Undergroundmania

June 12th

I am a huge, huge, huge Vivienne Westwood fan. I think she is fabulous, and I’m obsessed by everything she designs from frocks and handbags to shoes and suits – she’s amazing. I have battled my way through the hysterical crowds at her fashions shows and queued for hours to get into her sample sales, as well as lusted after so many of her collections that I think I can safely call myself a fully fledged Viv fan. So, imagine my excitement when I actually spotted Dame Viv on the tube today! I was on my way to watch the first England match in Hoxton, and while actually daydreaming about an Anglomania frock I have been coveting for my birthday, I pushed my way onto a very crowded Northern Line tube at Bank, only to gaze down the carriage and spot what I thought was a Viv-a-like. On closer inspection however, I realised that this was no look-a-like, it actually was Viv! I felt like waving and pointing at the Vivienne Westwood handbag I was so proudly carrying and declaring my unshakeable sartorial enthusiasm for everything she has ever designed. You will be pleased to read that I didn’t do this – Viv is far too cool to be mobbed on the tube. Sat there looking great and uncharacteristically understated, with hair slicked back into a side pony tail, slightly scary eyebrows firmly pencilled on and a wearing a baker boy hat and blazer adorned by her own brooches, I reluctantly let Viv continue her journey in peace. And as I hopped off my stop at Old Street, I wondered if Viv was off to watch the match in a crowded pub as well? Unlikely, as I can confirm she definitely wasn’t channelling the St. George’s cross.

Vivienne Westwood

Dame Vivienne Westwood; tube traveller

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