Fashionable footy fans?

June 13th

It goes without saying that football fans aren’t exactly renowned for their style credentials, and with the World Cup kicking off this week, it’s inevitable that men across the country will be sentimentally (and hopefully) attached to their sweaty, polyester sportswear until the boys in red and white lift the cup or go home early. However, all is not lost for stylish sportswear, as at England’s first match yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by the semi-stylish shirts some of the footy fans were wearing. Most of the fashion-conscious boys were wearing the retro 1966 long sleeve jerseys as opposed to shiny, tacky shirts. These round neck simple cotton tees are clearly the way to go to strike the balance between style and patriotism this summer. They are pretty much everywhere, but head to British department store John Lewis ( over a sports shop to avoid being lured in by any other England-related dodgy merchandise.  Wear your retro t-shirt with jeans and converse, or to really sport an English dandy look, knee length tailored shorts or rolled up chinos with boat shoes. Who said football couldn’t be trend-led? Support England and go retro so not to score an own goal in the style stakes this World Cup. Come on Eng-er-land!!!

World Cup

1966 England win the World Cup

Retro England shirt

Retro classic; England shirt, £40, John Lewis


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