The most fashionable three year old I know

June 6th

I always think it’s a bit wrong for little children to be too into fashion. They have got plenty of time to obsess over which jeggings are the most on trend or how best accessorise a particular outfit when they are teenagers, let alone as toddlers. That’s why I love my three year old niece Hollie’s approach to style, and her unquestionable love for pretty dresses. No skinny jeans or playsuits here, just cute old-fashioned girly dresses. She is literally obsessed with them, and is quick off the mark to compliment you on yours (especially if it’s either pink or flowery!). Move over Suri Cruise, Hollie can totally trounce you in style stakes, because her wardrobe is equally as sweet as yours, but without the $1 million price tag. From Gap to Primark with a little bit of Monsoon thrown in for special occasions, I wish some of Hollie’s frocks came in adult sizes.

This week temperatures soared for the first time this summer, so out came Hollie’s repertoire of sundresses. From tropical florals with handkerchief hems to retro polka dots and her favourite maxi dress, everyday brought a different look. The only thing that she couldn’t be parted from was her fuchsia pink handbag and a few Snow White beads and bangles. Here are a few snaps of Hollie working her look over the week – she is such a poser.

Hollie in florals

Keeping and looking cool in the heat

Hollie in florals

Flower Power; Hollie posing it up in floral sundress and hat

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One Response to The most fashionable three year old I know

  1. Anita says:

    What a cutie, go Hollie!!

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