Trolley Dolly

May 22nd

Recently I have wanted to get myself a handy little granny trolley to help my aching shoulders on the supermarket run. Eco bags are all well and good, but they do kill your shoulders when trying to carry home your weekly shop. Now, I know that these trolleys hardly conjure up the image of glamour, but I promise you, they are actually pretty cool. I decided to opt out of the classic tartan trolley as championed by proper grannies and have been waiting to find my own perfect model, that strikes the balance between style and practicality. Well, this week I found it, very loud and proud on display at the V&A gift shop – which by the way is absolutely brilliant if you have never been, check out the website:

My trolley is part of the Quilts collection (an exhibition now on at the V&A), and is a design adapted from a patchwork coverlet, ‘grandmother’s garden’, from England, 1797-1852. So it’s historic, practical and stylish, and I absolutely love it! What do you think?

Apart from helping me out no end with my weekly shop, my trolley also came in very handy this weekend at a picnic with the girls on Clapham Common. My little Dolly (as she has now been christened) carried our entire picnic as well as various bottles of vino, making her even more indispensible. Oh, how did I ever cope without my lovely Dolly before?!

There is definitely a trolley trend bubbling away too, since Dolly and I have been hanging out, I have spotted other trolley dollys all over London, some in zealous zebra print, some in psychedelic florals and yes, even the odd tartan print. You heard it here first, trolleys are cool!

trolley dolly

It's official, the V&A trolley is cool

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