Olivia’s student revival

May 26th

I’ve heard of hanging onto clothes in case they become fashionable again, and thank goodness our mum’s did hang onto some things, or we would never be able to raid their attics for 60s minis,  70s maxis and 80s shoulder padded delights. However, sometimes you have to know when to let go, and realise that you are probably never going to wear/want certain items of clothing again.

My friend Olivia is an absolutely stunning ex-model, who quite frankly, could wear a bin bag and look incredible, so when she called upon the My Wardrobe Mistress Re-Style service I was surprised. Her style is very laid back and stylish, and she is the master of the skinny jean, which she pretty much accessorises with an understated but cool t-shirt or an equally gorgeous silk top. As Olivia is moving house in a few weeks she wanted to go through her wardrobe and know that what she carts across London is worth carting to her new wardrobe, so we set to work. As expected, her wardrobe was full of really lovely tops, piles of denim and a few pretty dresses. It didn’t take us very long to edit this section at all. The t-shirts were slightly more challenging, but Olivia was ready to part ways with a few unworn tees, and soon we had cleared enough space to free up an entire clear drawer.

Olivia then mentioned that she had a couple of bags of things in the attic, so off she climbed to grab them down (if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly). What we discovered shocked both of us, we pretty much found her entire student wardrobe from the mid-Nineties. Having held onto to so much stuff for so long, it really showed the change in fashion from the Nineties to the Noughties, from Indian hippy-style vest tops to teeny tiny skirts and baggy Carhart trousers, most of it didn’t really fit in with Olivia’s current style. A lot we decided was charity shop bound, but we did hold on to a few things, after all, what goes around comes around –  just remember to keep the really good stuff and let the rest go…

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1 Response to Olivia’s student revival

  1. Olivia Walmsley says:

    Late 90s-early noughties actually! I’m not that old…. but yes, shameful stuff. Thanks Wardrobe Mistress, you made my move a whole lot less painful. Now I just need a Book Mistress to help me offload some tomes, almost killed myself carrying boxes…
    *graduated from King’s in 2002*

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