Hair raising style

May 31st

I have always been a fan of retro hair dos, from Thirties-style Marcel waves to Marilyn-style set and curls, there is just something ultra glamorous about hair of yesteryear. However, despite my obsession with these vintage pin-up dos, they have made way for something just a touch more modern (and slightly easier to re-create) recently – the Sixties beehive.

It was clear from the autumn/winter catwalk shows that Sixties references were making a huge comeback, especially when it came to hair. Towering hives were spotted everywhere from Karl Lagerfeld to Giles and Prada, and who can argue with that fashion pedigree?

While I have been out and about over the bank holiday, I have spotted yet more fashionable things sporting perfectly backcombed beehives, lending a hand in the height department and feeding my retro hair addiction further.

My ultimate beehive icon is Dusty Springfield, but I also love Patsy’s from Ab Fab, and The Supremes could rock some seriously high hair too. My hair isn’t really long enough to re-create these legendary dos, but I had to have a go, what do you think? I achieved my beehive with a lot of backcombing and hairspray. I started from the crown and backcombed like crazy with a little barrel brush, then worked around until I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Next I took sections of hair and pinned them back, smoothed them over and then unleashed the hairspray. The look didn’t really work from the back as my hair is too short to tuck into a neat french pleat, but I think it looked ok from the front. My beehive did stay up all night, but I’m not surprised as it was pretty rock solid! Hardly Gizzi Erskine but I gave it my best shot!

Becky's Beehive
My bob has been beehived!
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One Response to Hair raising style

  1. Olivia Walmsley says:

    You look gorgeous! Definitely a good look for you x

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