Grace Kelly, Style Icon?

May 20th

Today my friend Kali and I went to the V&A to see the Grace Kelly Style Icon exhibition. Having heard good reviews, I was really looking forward to it, plus I love the V&A, so any excuse to go, and I’m there.

Grace has long been famed for her cool Hitchcock blonde style credentials, and the exhibition proved that her appeal is clearly as strong as ever – the place was packed, and we had to book an allotted time slot, even now one month into the exhibition.

Obviously the frocks were fabulous and any fashion fan should definitely go along for inspiration, I especially loved the nipped in Fifties numbers, and her brilliant sunglasses collection.  It was really interesting though to see the more bohemian maxi dresses Grace started wearing in the late Sixties, with her intricate braided hair dos, it showed a more sartorially adventurous side to Grace than the one I most associated her with  – the classy dresses, set hair, matching hats and gloves and understated jewels of the Fifties.

As much as I loved Grace and the exhibition, I do wonder if Grace was really a style icon, or just an incredibly beautiful clothes horse? Her fashion was never really controversial or trend setting, but rather impeccably perfect and not a hair out of place stylish. Maybe this is enough to warrant her icon status. I wonder if Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn and even Marilyn Monroe who were a little riskier and more individual might actually beat Grace in the style stakes. What do you think? Is Grace the ultimate fashion pin-up or do we all just wish that we looked an ounce as poised as she did over the years? Either way there is no denying her beauty, style and elegance has continued to win hearts decades on, and that is certainly no mean feat.

Grace Kelly Style Icon, is on at the V&A until 26th September.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly; style icon or beautiful clothes horse?

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