An afternoon with Tracey, and Temperley

May 17th

Today I had an appointment with my ex-editor Tracey to help her with a Wardrobe Re-Style. Tracey is a new mum, and called upon the My Wardrobe Mistress service to help her streamline her wardrobe and work out what still fits/suits her new role and lifestyle as a mum to the super cute (and fashionable) Minnie.
I knew it would be a fairly easy task, as Tracey has such lovely clothes and really good style, but I think she just needed help in being ruthless enough to clear space and neaten things up. After the initial shock of an entire rail of around four things slung inside out over one wire hanger (evil inventions, really bad for clothes!), we set to work on piles of keeping, throwing, mending and eBaying clothes from her wardrobe. Before long, Tracey had a neat and organised wardrobe full of wearable clothes all hung up correctly on decent hangers.
During the course of the day, Tracey and I unearthed some great skirts and dresses she hadn’t worn for ages, and came up with new ways to style them and incorporate them into her new wardrobe. The most exciting discovery was four possible dresses for Tracey to wear to a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. I think at least three of the four possible dresses were amazing Temperley numbers (I think the others were Ghost and Reiss). Now, I know Tracey has always had a bit of a Temperley obsession, and following several purchases at sample sales, she now has quite an archive going! From colourful crochet, to intricate beading and even cool leather appliqué styles, she really has got it covered. Mainly in the designer’s signature vintage style, they looked even better on Tracey than on the hanger. So, my advice was to get them out of the hanging bag and onto her when she goes back to work in September, obviously, some are best left for special occasions, but they are far too good to be forgotten about at the back of the wardrobe.

Tracey in her Temperley

Tracey looking amazing in one of her Temperleys

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