A fashion massacre at Amber’s

May 24th

My friend Amber is a self confessed shopaholic. Seriously, you should see her in Primark, she covers the shop floor like a woman on a fast fashion mission, grabbing everything from rainbow bright sundresses, snazzy bikinis and floral sunnies at a rate that would impress even the most steely of shoppers.  This addiction, although undoubtedly fun, has led to a rather overcrowded wardrobe – to put it mildly. So today, My Wardrobe Mistress headed to N19 for a much-needed Wardrobe Re-Style.

I knew we would be dealing with a high volume of fashion, and I was right, when I arrived two entire two person sofas were covered in clothes ready to be kept or culled. Getting straight to work, I was very impressed by Amber’s determined attitude to shave down her wardrobe-bursting collection. We got rid of unworn clothes that were hastily bought in sales, dresses that were worn on first dates with unforgettable heartbreakers (emotionally, it is always the hardest thing to throw away clothes with a sentimental attachment), and vitally, clothes that didn’t really fit anymore.

Once we were done, we had discovered lots of clothes that had been lost in the depths of this fashion pile-up, and it was fair to say that our little fashion massacre proved as much of a mental clearout as one for the wardrobe. It is ultra satisfying to say goodbye to unworn clothes – almost as much as those heartbreaking boyfriends.

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